This year, IncaRose has strived for innovation, using its expert knowledge of Hyaluronic Acid to launch new products for parts of the body other than the face.

My Feet Balm uses IALURÉE® SYSTEM, an exclusive formula made with highly concentrated, stabilised Urea (25%) mixed with Cross-Linked Hyaluronic Acid. The cream is specially designed to hydrate and soften the heels, and more generally, repair dry or damaged feet.

The formula is technologically advanced, thanks to both the innovative IALURÉE® SYSTEM and the use of active ingredients that are particularly effective for foot care, including silver ions, shea butter and sage extracts.

The result is a comprehensive, six-stage, 360 ° treatment:

  1. Hydration and protection of dry or damaged heels and feet.
  2. Reduced perspiration and prevention of bad odours.
  3. Relief from itchiness.
  4. Easy, non-greasy application.
  5. Antiseptic and soothing action.
  6. Quick and visible results.