Incarose is a brand by DI-VA Health and Beauty, an Italian company based just outside Milan that has been active in the health and wellness industry since 1978. Today, DI-VA is one of Italy’s biggest producers of pharmaceuticals and herbal and personal care products. It specialises in making strikingly innovative, natural cosmetics of true MADE IN ITALY quality.

Incarose products are now available in a number of European countries, including France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Greece, and are constantly expanding across international markets.

Interesting fact: Where does the name Incarose come from?

The name Incarose is associated with a natural extract originally contained in many of our products called Rosehip Oil.

Rosehip is a wild plant typically found in the Andean region, where the ancient Inca civilisation developed.

From this, our brand Incarose, the Rose of the Incas, was born. It is also inspired by a legendary ruler of the same civilisation called Pachacuti, meaning he who begins a new era.